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Who We Are


Solution Center is a non-profit, community development corporation birthed by our President/CEO Dr. Matthew Stevenson.  It is his desire to “Make Lives Better” in our sphere of influence; therefore, we have adopted that phrase as our mantra, and we use it to guide us in our efforts to confirm his commitment to “Make Lives Better.”
All Nations Worship Assembly purchased a property at 8458 S. Mackinaw and paid for it in cash! This property has a rich history in the Bush community and has served as a positive beacon of light and empowerment source for several decades; we intend to continue its legacy.  Our Mackinaw property is a multi-purpose building with incredible potential to impact the community and provide a safe place for children to retreat into for both educational and positive social interaction.

One of our main focuses at Solution Center is to assist with homelessness in Chicago!

Therefore, a portion of our building will be utilized as a “Transitional Living” space for those in need of temporary housing.  In addition to the “Transitional Living” housing program, we will offer social services to meet the need of the housing program residents and the residents within the community through our social service programs such as: counseling, GED/ESL, Job Readiness Training, Computer Training, Literacy Program, Ex-offender/2nd-Chance Job Program, Health and Fitness Program, After School program and a Food/Nutrition program.  Furthermore, we will host a variety of personal development workshops such as: creative writing, reading/math enhancement, anger management, conflict resolution, improve public speaking, financial management, entrepreneurship classes, and many, many more.  Lastly, we will offer vocational training programs such as: residential rehabbing, basic electrical installation, fashion design/sewing, cooking, and etc. Not to mention our creative arts classes in music/lyric writing and singing, acting/drama, dance, and audio/video production which includes recording/editing.



after-school program

Solution Center’s after-school program offers a safe, but educational environment for student in our community.  Our newly renovated recreation room and gym room allows students to engage in physical activities after their school work is completed.

Transitional Living

Solution Center is committed to impact homelessness in Chicago by providing temporary housing for families within our community.  Our housing program is innovative and stocked with 21st century resources and high-quality staff to meet the needs of our residents.

job readiness training

Our Job-Readiness training program equips job seekers who are unemployed or under-employed with creating cover letters, resume building, mock job interviews, and Q&A session.


We offer a wide-range of tutoring assistance in English, Language Arts, and Math.

literacy program

Our GED/ESL program prepares learners to pass the GED exam in 16-weeks.  We also offer reading and math enhancement classes.

computer training

Our computer training program teaches the very basic in computer skills.  We cover: Word, Excel, Email w/attachment, web browsing, and social media.